Tuesday, November 9, 2010

please do , don't just speak .

a wise man once said ,
" to be the best , a person must know how to lift themselves even after countless of hard falls "
if that is true ,
i'm not the best , nor that i'm the greatest .

yes , you don't long for perfection ,
i don't either .
i just long for understanding .
i crave for simplicity .
i need stability .

a great man once said ,
" you need to take the risks to be the best there is "
if that is true ,
i might be the best .

countless of times i've taken the risks .
i've put my own blood and tears up front .
i've put my half-healed heart on the line .
i've give every inch of my faith to you .

a company uses a motto which is ,
" just do it "
if you just simply read this and follow ,
will we still be in this mess right now ?

Thomas Edison manages to create a light bulb after hundreds of attempts .
he's a genius , so do you !
but why can't you just simply stop and think first ?

Peter Pan said that he doesn't want to grow up .
he is crazy and delusional .
everyone must grow up and act wisely .
you should too .

you draw up plans .
you build your own dream .
being together til the end .
you started the architecture .
but with no foundations , will it be strong ?
if Gustave Eiffel designed a building without a foundation ,
will the Eiffel Tower stand there since 1889 ?

i don't give second chances easily ,
but you've blown it easily .
so , this is your last lifeline .

A soldier will always say ,
" there is no fight worth losing , so , fight til the very end "
that is what i intend to do .

i hate to be the bearer of the last word ,
but ,
if and only if you leave me with no choice ,
if you are still the same ,
unchanged ,
you'll leave me with the last word ,
on the final day .

bear in mind that i will be serious next time around .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

not that anymore

ialwaysdreamofbeing Shakespeare ,
but ,
iendupbeing Picasso .

i am what i am afterall

this post is dedicated in 7 split ways .
to those who might be mistaken ,
to those who does not know the truth ,
to those who loves to spread the rumors ,
to those who mind other people's business ,
to those who might not know me well enough ,
to those who loves to judge me from the outside ,
to those haters and fuckers .

search the truth first . ask me some question . then you can judge me .
to the ANON who asked me :
" khalis , knapela ko suke mainkn hati org ? "
let me answer it here :
" ape kate kaw jge je hati ko & bf/gf kaw , drpd kaw masuk cmpur hal aku ! "

our dreams may differ from time to time . but , i'm healing as time moves on .
so ,
to all of the doubters , haters , fuckers and bitches , i'll say this once :
" just mind your own business . you are not that perfect also . so , do yourself a favor , go FUCK yourself "

thank you .